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About This Service
Introducing Stream Service – the ultimate solution for captivating live events, now accessible to viewers worldwide. Elevate your event experience and engage a global audience like never before.

With Our Live Stream Service, your event becomes an immersive online spectacle, reaching attendees beyond physical boundaries. From conferences to concerts, webinars to workshops, we seamlessly deliver your content in real-time, ensuring every moment is experienced by anyone, anywhere.
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Package 1 - €200
2 Camera's to cover different angles
High Quality Sound Recording



About This Service
Congratulations! Whether you want a surprised or planned photo shoot either are just as fun and turn out great! You can pick the location of the shoot. Wow your social media followers with a photo for the big announcement.
Package 1 - €100
20 Edited Digital Photos
One outfit change
Beautifully edited photos.


€150 - €1,600

About This Service
Create lasting memories by capturing your special day with profesional photographic service.
Package 1 - €150
Up to 60 minutes
Two Photographers
Package 2 - €1,600
Up to 8 hrs Service
2 Photographers/Videographers
High Quality Album


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